Email Etiquette Training

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Syntaxis email etiquette training helps business professionals improve the courtesy, professionalism, and clarity of their email messages.

Every Syntaxis email course is taught by Ellen Jovin, a published writer with extensive experience writing for corporations and business magazines. Our email etiquette workshops consider the traditional requirements of professional business communications alongside an array of issues new to a world of increasingly electronic correspondence. An interactive training approach encourages comments and questions.

Each email workshop participant receives a copy of Ellen’s book E-Mail Etiquette for Business Professionals.

  • Workshop: The Etiquette of Email

This email etiquette training teaches participants to write clear, professional, effective email messages. Workshop attendees learn to write concise, descriptive subject lines and to state their purpose clearly at the beginning of each message. The smallest details do much to convey tone and courtesy, so other topics include salutations, closings, signature files, word choice, and the importance of adhering to traditional rules of grammar. Finally, training participants consider some of the ethical risks associated with excessive or indiscriminate copying and forwarding of email messages, as well as when to avoid email altogether. Contact us about this email etiquette training.

  • Email Writing & Etiquette Workshop

This comprehensive workshop teaches participants to email more efficiently and effectively in the workplace. The training covers writing and etiquette issues relevant for a wide range of email communications; topics include clarity, organization, diplomacy, professionalism, message format, tone, email volume, and editing and proofreading techniques. Each email training participant receives the books E-Mail Etiquette for Business Professionals and A Grammar Guide for Business Professionals, both written by the instructor, Ellen JovinContact us about this email etiquette training.

  • Email Etiquette Lunch & Learn

This email etiquette training covers questions of form and courtesy, including salutations, closings, signature files, punctuation, and capitalization. Other training topics include copying and forwarding strategies, as well as techniques for reducing email volume and improving efficiency. The seminar concludes with a brief discussion of the limitations of email. Contact us about this email etiquette training.