Section 7.8

Email Templates

If you repeatedly send out emails containing similar or identical content, you may find it convenient to automate the process by creating some email templates, modifying them as necessary to suit a particular context. The technical aspects of setting them up will vary from one software program to the next, so if you need assistance, consult a tech-savvy colleague or your company’s IT department. 

If you do use templates and you are in the habit of customizing them for individual recipients, proofread each outgoing message with care and in its entirety. Templates can save time, but they can also be the source of embarrassing errors. For example, if a client asks for some specialized information and the emailer edits a portion of the usual email template, the edits may cause unanticipated problems. These might include typographical errors, an awkward redundancy in content or word choice, or even an outright conflict of information if the sender forgets to make corresponding changes in another, related section.

In some cases it may be easier and safer to compose a message from scratch.