Section 4.6

Long Email Messages

If you have multiple pages of information to email (for example, a report, memo, proposal, or other business document), consider sending them in the form of an attachment. It is much easier to edit a large volume of text in, say, Microsoft Word, than in the body of a typical email.

Your information will probably also look better in an attachment. Although it is usually possible to format text in the body of your email, if recipients have a different type of email software, the message may not look the same on their end as on yours. With an attachment, the formatting will remain more or less as you leave it. In fact, you can ensure that the format doesn’t shift by sending the attachment as a PDF file (a file format created with Adobe Acrobat software).

By using attachments, you can send polished, professional-looking documents — without having to sacrifice the speed and ease of email. See Section 7.6 for additional comments on sending email attachments.