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Book cover: Rebel with a Clause by Ellen Jovin (US edition)

Rebel with a Clause: Tales and Tips from a Roving Grammarian

by Ellen Jovin

National bestseller! An unconventional guide to the English language drawn from the cross-country adventures of an itinerant grammarian

When Ellen Jovin set up a folding table with a sign reading “Grammar Table,” it took about 30 seconds to get her first visitor. Grammar Table was such a hit—attracting the attention of The New York Times, NPR, and CBS Evening News—that Ellen soon hit the road, traveling across the U.S. to answer the pressing questions of passersby. Punctuated with linguistic debates from tiny towns to sprawling state capitals, this grammar romp will delight anyone wishing to polish their prose or revel in our age-old, universal fascination with language.

US Publisher: Mariner Books (HarperCollins), July 2022
UK Publisher: Chambers (Hachette UK), August 2022

Book cover: Practical Presentation Skills by Brandt Johnson

Practical Presentation Skills: Authenticity, Focus & Strength

by Brandt Johnson

Deliver compelling presentations in any context, from a meeting with colleagues to a client pitch or keynote address.

Whenever you talk to anyone, you are presenting yourself and your ideas to an audience. This could be in person, on the phone, or via video conference. In any case, both your content and your delivery contribute to the vitality and effectiveness of your message. Too many speakers fail to engage their audience and get their ideas across. Don’t be one of them! Practical Presentation Skills will help you master the three fundamental elements responsible for a presentation’s success: authenticity, focus, and strength.

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey (Hachette), October 2019

Book cover: Writing for Business by Ellen Jovin

Writing for Business: Professionalism, Integrity & Power

by Ellen Jovin

Build essential skills and write with confidence at work!

Immediately practical guide to better business writing designed to help you develop a clear, direct, natural communication style that supports rather than obscures what you want to say. It covers writing principles relevant for a wide range of business documents, including email, letters, memos, reports, proposals, and more, while also offering editing tips to ensure you come across as professional and polished. Packed with examples and tips straight from the workplace.

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey (Hachette), October 2019

Book cover: Essential Grammar for Business by Ellen Jovin

Essential Grammar for Business: The Foundation of Good Writing

by Ellen Jovin

Reliable, authoritative, and designed to ease grammar anxiety!

Words are the currency of every business transaction. They persuade, inspire, educate, and clarify. Essential Grammar for Business offers guidance to professionals perplexed about proper comma placement, dangling modifiers, or the difference between who and whom. With a better understanding of the building blocks, readers will be better equipped to focus on other ingredients of good business writing, such as content, clarity and style. This book is fun, fast-paced, and easy to use.

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey, (Hachette), October 2019

Book cover: English at Work: Find and Fix Your Mistakes in Business English by Ellen Jovin

English at Work: Find and Fix Your Mistakes in Business English

by Ellen Jovin

Put your English skills to work for you!

This book is ideal for intermediate and advanced (CEFR B1-C1) nonnative speakers of English seeking to increase their communication confidence and effectiveness in the workplace. Improve your precision and professionalism so your ideas shine!

Publisher: Teach Yourself (Hachette), September 2019