Executive Presentation Coaching

Private Training at Your Corporate Offices

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Syntaxis executive presentation skills training is a powerful and efficient option for senior executives who need to be their best when it matters most.

All executive coaching is conducted by Brandt Johnson, a former investment banker, speechwriter, and business journalist. Each training session is structured around the unique needs of the individual executive. Videotaping gives the client an objective sense of how he or she is seen by others.

Each executive presentation coaching client receives a copy of Brandt’s book Presentation Skills for Business Professionals.

  • Presentation Skills Coaching

Our one-on-one executive presentation skills training can focus on any context, including staff meetings, board presentations, client pitches, and talks at industry conferences. Coaching sessions address whatever aspects of a talk need attention, from content and slides to delivery and Q&A preparation. Contact us about this presentation training.

  • Pitch Preparation & Practice

When a meeting with a prospective client really needs to go well, there is no substitute for preparation and practice. This presentation skills coaching trains executives to bring their ideas to life and inspire enthusiasm in their listeners. Contact us about this presentation training.

  • Roadshow Presentation Skills Coaching

Effective roadshow meetings inspire confidence in prospective investors. Our roadshow presentation skills training is a focused, flexible program that gives executives the skills they need to command attention, convey the vitality of a fund or business, and compel potential investors to act. Contact us about this presentation training.