Executive Presence Training

WORKSHOPS and Private coaching at Your LOCATION

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Executive presence is established by myriad factors, from physical and verbal to mental and emotional. But it is fundamentally a matter of communication. By communicating a sense of authenticity, audience awareness, confidence, and competence, a person asserts his or her right to be in the room, to be heard, to be followed. That person establishes his or her presence.

Syntaxis executive presence training is structured to meet the unique needs of each individual participant and can address any aspect of his or her way of communicating. The training focuses on specific instances of participants' own workplace interactions in order to ensure the greatest possible relevance.

Video review serves as an important complement to instructor feedback. Seeing themselves through the objective lens of the camera helps participants understand how they are seen by others.

All executive presence training is conducted by Brandt Johnson, a former investment banker, speechwriter, and business journalist. Sessions are conducted in small groups or one-on-one. Each participant receives a copy of Brandt’s book Presentation Skills for Business Professionals.

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