Presentation Skills Training

Workshops at Your Corporate Location

Syntaxis presentation skills training teaches business professionals to convey their ideas more powerfully in any context, from a meeting with colleagues to a high-stakes client pitch or boardroom presentation.

Every Syntaxis presentation skills workshop is taught by Brandt Johnson, a former investment banker, speechwriter, and business journalist. Workshop participants learn by doing. They speak repeatedly in front of the group, offer one another constructive criticism, and watch themselves on video. Seeing themselves through the objective lens of the camera helps presentation skills workshop attendees understand how they are seen by others. Small class size ensures an interactive and collegial training atmosphere.

Each presentation training participant receives a copy of Brandt’s book Presentation Skills for Business Professionals.


Our basic presentation skills workshop focuses on the essential elements of preparing and delivering an effective presentation. Training topics include body language, eye contact, vocal projection, content, nervousness, and confidence. Through interactive exercises, participants learn strategies for delivering a strong, clear message, whether to a single listener or an audience of hundreds. Contact us about this presentation training.

  • Advanced Presentation Skills Training

Participants in our advanced presentation skills workshops bring materials from their own past or upcoming presentations and draw on them for in-class exercises, furthering the connection between workshop and workplace. In addition to reviewing delivery fundamentals, this presentation skills training can cover how to respond to questions, maintain control of a presentation, and use visual aids. Contact us about this presentation training.


This multi-part workshop helps business professionals develop a range of presentation skills applicable to their specific workplace contexts. The first session focuses on fundamentals such as authenticity, content, and body language. In the following sessions, participants work on their own past or upcoming presentations — for example, a talk at an internal meeting, a client pitch, or a boardroom presentation. Participants are given assignments to complete between sessions, ensuring continuing development over time. Contact us about this presentation training.

  • Pitch TEAM Preparation & Practice

When a meeting with a prospective client really needs to go well, there is no substitute for preparation and practice. This presentation skills workshop trains pitch teams to bring their ideas to life and inspire enthusiasm in their listeners. Contact us about this presentation training.

  • Roadshow Presentation Skills Training

Effective roadshow meetings inspire confidence in prospective investors. Our roadshow presentation skills training is a focused, flexible program that gives management teams the skills they need to command attention, convey the vitality of a fund or business, and compel potential investors to act. Contact us about this presentation training.

  • Customized Presentation Skills Training

Syntaxis regularly creates customized presentation skills workshops to meet the specific training needs of our clients. For example, we can run a role-playing seminar that re-creates challenging client scenarios, prepare your employees for difficult questions that might arise during Q&A sessions, or design any other type of workshop to address your presentation skills training needs. Contact us about this presentation training.

  • Presentation Skills Lunch & Learn

This interactive presentation skills training session examines the key elements of delivering an effective presentation. Areas of focus include body language, eye contact, voice, nervousness, and confidence. The seminar can also cover strategies for incorporating visual aids into presentations. During the training, participants address the group and see themselves on video. Contact us about this presentation training.