Grammar Training

Workshops at Your Corporate Location

Syntaxis grammar training provides guidance to business professionals on grammatical issues that arise regularly in the workplace.

Every Syntaxis grammar workshop is taught by Ellen Jovin, a published writer with extensive experience writing for corporations and business magazines. Training participants learn to eliminate common mistakes and to write with greater precision, professionalism, and authority. The workshop format encourages discussion and questions, and exercises reinforce the grammatical principles covered in class.

Each grammar training participant receives a copy of Ellen’s book A Grammar Guide for Business Professionals.

  • Intensive Grammar Workshop

This comprehensive business grammar course provides instruction in sentence structure, punctuation, and common errors in grammar and usage. Grammar training participants become more confident writers as they gain a better understanding of the building blocks of language. Contact us about this grammar training.

  • 25 Grammatical Problems and How to Overcome Them

This fast-paced grammar workshop covers 25 grammatical issues that arise frequently in business communications. These include topics such as the nature of the comma splice, the distinction between who and whom, and the confusion that can be the consequence of misplaced and dangling modifiers. Contact us about this grammar training.

  • Business Writing & Grammar Workshop

This workshop combines four hours of business writing training and two hours of grammar training in a single course. Workshop participants learn to organize their thoughts, improve email etiquette, and express ideas more clearly. In addition to enhancing business writing skills, the training also covers common grammatical errors that detract from the professionalism of business documents. Each workshop participant receives the books A Writing Guide for Business Professionals and A Grammar Guide for Business Professionals, both written by the instructor, Ellen JovinContact us about this grammar training.

  • Grammar Workshop: Polish Your Punctuation!

Where one puts a comma or apostrophe affects meaning, sometimes dramatically. Errors in commas, colons, and their grammatical cousins can also distract the reader from the writer’s message. This specialized business grammar course covers the fundamental rules of punctuation and mechanics, as well as common errors in their application. Contact us about this grammar training.

  • Grammar Lunch & Learn

Are you confounded by commas? Unsure how to choose between which and that? Do your subjects sometimes disagree with your verbs? This business grammar seminar provides professionals with solutions to a sampling of some persistent grammatical problems. Contact us about this grammar training.

  • Punctuation Lunch & Learn

The rise of email — and quick, casual, often underpunctuated communications — has increased many business professionals’ punctuation uncertainty. Questions abound regarding correct practices for dashes, colons, ellipses, exclamation points, and more. This grammar seminar offers a quick refresher on common punctuation errors, with an emphasis on those most prevalent in email messages. Contact us about this grammar training.