Section 2.1

Email "To" and "From" Fields

In the To field of most email messages, you will find two elements: the recipient’s name and email address, as illustrated below:

To: John Smith <>

Sometimes email addresses display without the name, though:

To: <>

If the name isn’t displaying automatically, use your email software to add it. If you don’t know how, ask a technologically adept person to help you. Why bother? Including the person’s name has a friendlier appearance than the more technical-looking email address by itself.

By the way, you should also make sure that when you send out messages, your own email address is accompanied by your full name in the From field. If you like to include a middle initial with your name, don’t forget the period after the initial. For example:

From: Joanna A. Rogers <>

Additional comments on names appear throughout this chapter.