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Punctuation Workshop for Executives

This Syntaxis punctuation workshop covers common punctuation errors in workplace writing. It's a great teambuilding option for a monthly meeting or other corporate event. Bond over dashes, colons, ellipses, exclamation points, and more! Where one puts a comma or apostrophe affects meaning, sometimes dramatically. Errors in commas, colons, and their grammatical cousins can also distract the reader from the writer’s message. This specialized business grammar course covers the fundamental rules of punctuation and mechanics, as well as common errors in their application.

  • Target Audience: Anyone who punctuates, but especially those who don't
  • Format: In-person or remote
  • Length: 1 to 3 hours for in-person training, 60 to 90 minutes for remote training
  • Book: Rebel with a Clause: Tales & Tips from a Roving Grammarian or Essential Grammar for Business: The Foundation of Good Writing by instructor Ellen Jovin